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We’re the ideal partner for the development of a project for which a software solution does not aspire to be a simple product. Our projects play a key role in innovating, improving and building companies.

We believe in our goals because the angles and competences of our team members allow us to listen and understand fully the needs that are presented to us. The next step is always a custom solution that will meet our current clients’ needs as well as delivering high-performing results that will provide a long-term competitive advantage.

Industry 4.0

Our Services

Industry 4.0 solutions

Custom projects for every industrial sectore: MES, ERP, machine integrations and much more

Mobile App Development

Android & iOS native mobile app development

Software Development

Custom software development in cloud in Node.js and more

IoT Platform Development

Vertical IoT & IIoT platform development

Custom Technical Advice

Technical consulting for the development and design of your solutions

Research & Development

Complete R&D projects for new solutions regarding corporate digitisation and digitalisation


Rebranding of Atroos

The 24th of June 2019 we completed our corporate re-branding. Our new graphics and logo refer to industry 4.0.

SPS Fiera 2019

Like every year we did not miss out on the expo SPS in Parma. This expo is the most important event for the manufacturing industries in Italy. Every year the number of visitors increases, as well as the number of companies present that are heavily investing in digitalisation and industry 4.0.

Digital Meet

The 18th of October 2018 we were invited as guest speaker to the event eravamo "Data and business models - how SME's are able to create business opportunities with data". We illustrated how companies can increase the efficiency of their production processes and increase revenue.

Atroos on Tv7

On the 4th of July 2018 our founder and CEO was invited to speak about new growth opportunities for startups on Tv7, a local Italian business channel.

Atroos: the best startup

On the 30th of June 2018 we were honoured to win the Padua Lions Award for the best performing startup.

Atroos IoT

September 2017: Atroos expands their service range and launches a service that provides 4.0 interconnection with the installment of our own routers.

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