Every day we work to offer you the best solutions.

Clean Coding & Design

Excellently-performing software rather than exhaustive documentation.

Extreme Flexibility

Our focus lies on excellent collaboration with our clients rather than tough negotiation of contracts and terms and sticking to rules.

Our Values

We offer consultancy and development of high quality and with professionalism, supporting our customers from the pre-planning phase to continuous assistance after delivery.

The Latest Technologies

We respond to changes and evolve rather than stick to a repetitive formula. Innovation is key.

Pleasant Collaboration

We are passionate about constructive interaction and about who you are. We’re focused on building long-term collaborations.

Our Services

Industry 4.0 Solutions

Custom projects for every industry: MES, ERP, machine integrations and much more

Custom Development

Technical Advice

Software Development

IoT Platforms

Mobile Apps

Software is a key element of any digital innovation. At Atroos we feel that the effectiveness and efficiency of newly implemented applications always depend on the performance and creativity put in during the design process.

Atroos is the best supplier and technological partner for you to develop the platform that will make your startup or consolidated business perform better. We have experience in the development of different applications and platforms suitable for every sector and requirement. In recent years, thanks to the Italian and European incentives proposed in our sector, we have engaged in numerous projects of corporate digitalization and development of software for production management.


Digital Conservation

Correct preservation of legal documents is not a luxury for professionals, companies and the public administration. It is a form of safeguarding your archive that allows you to work faster and will at the same time provide peace of mind, more security, more accessibility. In summary: in the long run this is a significant competitive advantage.

Research & Development

We specialize in challenges that are considered to be impossible: our heterogeneity in skills and flexibility in the organization of the various work phases render us the ideal partner for all companies who wish to improve performance by increasing the quality of their products and services. To do this, it is necessary to plan and allocate resources to the research & development phase, for which we provide full guidance. Come and visit us to find out about all the tax benefits reserved for companies that invest in R&D.

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