Atroos IoT Router

Peripheral Devices

The peripheral devices are micro-processor / micro-controller devices with Serial / Ethernet / WIFI / 2G / 3G communication interfaces. Their task, among other possible functionalities (eg tele-assistance), is to transform standard protocols, with serial or Ethernet connection (eg MODBUS), into protocols that are compatible with the platform.

Atroos IoT Router

    It is a Network Router / Access Point equipped with WIFI and Ethernet interfaces. It has:

    • an Ethernet / WAN interface, for connection to an ADSL router.
    • a WIFI interface that serves as both an Access Point and a Client for creating and connecting to WIFI networks.
    • a 4-port switch for connecting Ethernet devices.
    • of a complete RS232 serial or alternatively of an RS485.
    • a USB port to which you can connect:
      1. USB RS232 / RS485 / RS422 converters to expand the number of serial ports.
      2. wide choice of 2G / 3G / 4G modems in case of lack of ADSL connection or to create backup situations of Internet connectivity.

    Among the services available, in addition to the classic ones of a network router (DHCP server, Firewall, Routing Engine, etc.), we have:

    • Atroos IoT VPN Client: is a VPN client that – coupled with a Windows client – allows remote connection to all network devices connected to the router. The main feature of this service is that it does not require configurations of the host network (eg ADSL router, etc.) since it is able to pass through NAT and Firewall.
    • Remote Serial Control: it is possible to remotize the devices connected to the router serial via IP according to the RFC2217 standard.
    • Atroos IoT Cloud Platform Client: there is a client to the cloud platform that allows to collect measurements from devices connected via serial or Ethernet network with Modbus RTU / ASCII / TCPIP protocol. A simple WEB interface allows the configuration of this service.

    An Industrial Application

    Our router is a part of our total 4.0 service.

    This setup represents an industrial machine that is part of a classic production setup or industrial production line.

    The control system of the machine consists of an industrial PLC or an equivalent custom harddrive which provides a set of read and write registers with MODBUS protocol, both RS485 and TCP / IP.

    The Atroos IOT Router provides the following features:

    • Possibility of remote connection through a VPN Punto Punto client, which traverses the NATs, so as to reach all the devices connected to the Ethernet Switch present in the Atroos IOT Router and then manage them remotely. It is also possible to use the Atroos IOT Router’s web configuration interface.
    • Remoting of the RS232 serial port on the user’s Personal Computer: the RS232 serial port of the device connected to the Atroos IOT Router will be shown as a COM interface on the user’s Personal Computer so that it can for example remotely connect device configuration software or an existing one software designed for use with local serial.
    • Writing and reading of registers via MODBUS and communication of the same to the Cloud platform.

    The Atroos IOT Platform is able to:

    • Make VPN and Serial Remote services available.
    • Collect and persist data in a way that can be used by the user through the Web Portal.
    • Generate alarms communicated via e-mail with thresholds set on the Modbus register values.
    • Offer SCADA functionality with the creation of customized Graphic Views.
    • Implement the return channel to write the Modbus registers of the devices remotely via the Web Portal

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